Climbing up to Astraka peakHike to Alpine Dragon Lake

Dragon Lake or Drakolimni, as it is called in Greek language, is the name of the alpine lake nestled on the mountain of Tymfi, at an altitude of 2050 meters, in between the mountain peaks of Lapatos and Ploskos. According to the myth, the lake was named like that because it was inhabited by a dragon, which was in constant conflict with another dragon…that of mountain Smolikas -the second highest mountain on Greek land after Mount Olympus-.and they fought each other by throwing pines and rocks and thus created the peculiar landscape. The lake has a rich fauna which includes Alpine Triton, a very rare amphibian species between 8 –12 centimeters in length and black-brown shaded outer spine which is actually consider to be a protected species by law.

Our walk starts from Mikro Papingo, following an uphill path to the Astraka refuge, where we can have a rest stop for a coffee or lunch. We continue to the grassy uplands studded with flowers and at some points we often meet pack snow, very often until July. After about 1,5 hour we reach the lake. We return to Papingo from the same path.

Useful info

The walk starts and ends at Mikro Papingo
Hiking distance: 18, 5 klm
Hiking time: approx. 8 hours
The walk can be done in 2 days, overnight accommodation at Astraka refuge, dormitory style

*** Please note that transportation arrangements can be made under request

DragonlakeThe path to Dragonlake