Hike Vikos Gorge

Inside Vikos GorgeVaried terrain and vistas, untouched wild beauty, crystal – clear waters, Vikos Gorge……
For hikers, Vikos Gorge is exceptional because of its beautiful footpaths that link stone villages tucked into folds of mountains.
Vikos Gorge lies in the North Pindus Mountains in the historic area of Epirus.

Our hike starts from the village of Monodendri, on the rim of the gorge near the south end. It’s a restored stone village of walled stone courtyards with fortress-like gates. We follow a signposted path near the open – air theatre at the top of the trail. From there the path drops steeply to the Voidomatis River. It continues through the woods in a charming footpath which parallels the river. We exit at Vikos village, where our transportation waits to drive us back to Monodendri

Useful info

Entrance point: Monodendri village
Exit point: Vikos village
Hiking distance: 12, 6 klm
Hiking time: approx. 7 hours

The path in Vikos Gorge Vikos Gorge