Explanation of difficulty levels

It is very important for us to be sure that you choose the activity / trip that suits you the best. We rank our activities and trips from A to G according to the dificulty, terrain conditions, walking hours etc.

  • A: Very short walks, without big elevatin differences
  • B: Easy to moderate walks
  • C: Moderate walks, sometimes in steep terrain, walking hours from 4 – 6
  • D: Moderate to strenuous walks with quite some elevation differences
  • E: Strenuous walks, long distances, in high altitudes
  • F: Very strenuous hikes, under difficult conditions
  • G: Only for those who dare to ignore danger, hiking in extreme conditions


Necessary Equipment for walking tours

  • Daypack (35 – 40 lt.)
  • Walking shoes (boots with uncle support)
  • Water
  • Sun glasses, hat, sunscreen
  • Rain proof jacket
  • Walking sticks
  • Head light
  • Energy food (chocolate, enery bars etc.)
  • Camera!


Ioannina city bus schedule (KTEL)